E-commerce Solution

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet.

With the growing number of electronic and mobile payment providers, Nigeria is following the international boom in e-commerce with bold strides. In 2012 more than 85 e-commerce sites for re-sellers were launched in Nigeria alone.

Don't sit back and watch while your competition takes their products online! Don't get left behind! Contact SoundMinds for your online shopping cart and online payment gateway integration today.

Shopping Carts:

SoundMinds offers businesses a customized shopping cart that can be integrated with your preferred payment gateway.

We will not only help you develop your shopping cart, but also help you ensure that the graphic user interface of your shopping cart fits in with your website and/or any existing print campaign. We also help you develop your e-commerce strategy, ensure that you have high quality imagery of your products and can manage your shopping cart from the comfort of your office. We also provide training and support for effective shopping cart management.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Don't need a full fledged shopping cart? Do you want clients to pay for an online course or an online service instead? We can help you integrate the payment gateway that is most suitable for your needs.

Why you should choose SoundMinds

SoundMinds e-commerce solution is a perfect service for medium to large sized companies as we provide a powerful and easy-to-use enterprise platform designed for small stores that sell few products, or for commercial centers, such as the size of malls and mega malls, which need rich catalogues for thousands of products and brands.

The great thing about SoundMinds e-commerce service is that our team of developers will customize and adjust the system according to your demands and standards.

We know that an online store also requires a touch of art and good taste so as to lure in customers to purchase your products. In addition to make your e-commerce business efficient, we are making efforts to enhance your business through a well-done and distinctive web design. First impression always counts, that's why it's essential to consider all the details, from colors, products position to the setup of the background, style of arrangement etc., in order to create a memorable shopping experience to your visitors.

Another important thing for your online store to drive profit is to increase your online presence and gain popularity. Multiplying your communication channels means multiplying your chances to reach your potential leads. So, we believe it is vital for your business to introduce social networks, mobile applications and mobile-optimized templates to ecommerce within our platform.

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