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We offer custom CollegePortal, a comprehensive school management solution that empowers administrators, increases teacher efficiency, and provides vital information to teachers and students. CollegePortal is suitable for small, medium and large schools.

SoundMinds Technologies Systems offers you CollegePortal, our educational portal create a common gateway to the data and services that the staffs and students throughout your educational institution need to effectively transfer information from the staff/student to CollegePortal and vice versa. We can customize CollegePortal to run on technologies you may already have—such as JoomlaCMS, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Windows Server, etc—extending the value of your investment those technologies.

Some of the things you can do with our educational portal solution include:

  • Record and share grades with students electronically
  • Create online communities for students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to collaborate
  • Facilitate sharing of best practices among faculty and administrators
  • Enable students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to access your institution’s resources anytime from any connected device
  • Post lesson plans, coursework, research content, and more to online document libraries
  • Provide Web-based class registration, tuition and financial aid payments, and other services

Solving your challenges
A Web portal can help you address several key challenges, including:

  • Innovative and effective instructional resources and methods not being shared among faculty members
  • Uninformed and uninvolved alumni and community leaders
  • Students receiving only periodic feedback on performance and progress
  • Student information, such as class schedules, health records, and grade transcripts kept in different places requiring different systems to access
  • Not having access to the information needed to make informed decisions

Key benefits
We can help you:

  • Increase student engagement. Give students easy ways to connect with their professors and their peers to get them more engaged in their classes.
  • Facilitate anytime, anywhere learning. Provide your students with single sign-on access to learning materials and campus resources—from library content to complete online courses—at any time, from virtually anywhere, and from any type of connected device. You’ll create a virtual campus that never closes.
  • Make better decisions. Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all business functions and disciplines with accurate, readily-available data presented in intuitive and familiar formats.
  • Let faculty focus on research and instruction. Make it easier for your faculty to find instructional resources; assess students; record and track grades; and communicate with their colleagues and students, and they will have more time and energy to focus on important research and facilitate meaningful learning experiences that meet the unique needs of individual students.
  • Streamline administrative tasks. Make it easy for students to register for classes, access financial aid information, pay their tuition, sign-up for lunch programs, report absences, and more from any computer.
  • Connect with your community. By proving simple and customized ways to access information and connect with your institution, you can reap the benefits of strong connections with alumni and other members of the broader community.

Why choose us?
With SoundMinds College portal solutions, you get:

  • Reduced costs. As we take advantage of your existing investments.
  • Flexible functionality and deployment. Our portals are simple enough for beginners, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards-based platform means you can start small and roll-out new features and functionality as you are ready.
  • Familiar and intuitive interfaces. Adding and customizing content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface.
  • Personalized, role-based access. Providing single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role is simple, so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see. Setting-up personalized dashboards that put key information and applications (such as class schedules and e-mail) in one place is a snap.
  • Robust support community. Join a large group of other educators from around the world who are having success with portals and sharing their best practices.

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