Carrier Solutions

SoundMinds offers end to end value added service to operators. We offer content based service over SMS and WAP such as:

• News Service

• Sport news
• Daily news
• Breaking news

• Greetings

• Birthday greetings
• Anniversary greetings
• Love quote

• Entertainment

• Top 10 Movies
• Jokes

• Horoscopes

• Bulk SMS Platform

Corporate Value Added Service Applications

VeloSolutions has developed and deployed a number of innovative Solutions for the corporate sector. Our Successfully Deployed Software Solutions are:

• Mini ERP SMS Solution for Pharmaceutical company (Jalala bhad Pharmaceutical)

• Doctor Scheduling Software

• SMS based Yellow Pages (Adtech).

• SMS based school management system

• Mobile couponing System

Other Solutions:

• Web2SMS

• SMS Based email service through which a mobile user can send email using sms and receive email via SMS.

• SMS Based Results

• This platform supports publishing any kind of exam results over SMS. Students can register and an automatic SMS will go to their handset when their exam results are published.

• SMS Voting Platform

• This platform is very popular for TV based sms voting solutions. This solution is very useful for different types of live competition programs such as – American idol. Who wants to be a millionaire?

• Content Management Platform

• Allows operators to connect various content providers to their network in secure manner. This platform handles content provider SMPP/HTTP account.

• Bank Solutions

• Financial Houses can use our system to send out alerts, messages to their customer base and perform basic transactions such as account transfer, bill payment, and fraud notifications. All services are full encrypted and secure.

• Mobile Couponing System

• Businesses can use our system to send out coupons to their target demographics and customers to maximize ROI. Research shows that mobile coupons are often significantly more effective than normal coupons with up to a 25% redemption rate versus 3% for traditional coupons.

• SMS Campaign Management

• Total field canvassing and election campaign management system.


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