SoundMinds in Profile

SoundMinds in Profile

SoundMinds is an experienced software and web development company. SoundMinds is a full-service web design, web development, programming and hosting company. We are committed to providing the most exciting and innovative digital design around.

Studies and experience has proved that there is a direct link between computerization, IT and productivity in almost all fields of human endeavours. Today, advancements in banking and commerce, education, engineering, architecture, medicine, manufacturing, Entertainment, communication, record keeping, e.t.c, are mainly due to the evolution of computers. Therefore being at the cutting edge of computer and information can put you ahead of your competitors.

We are a solution architects, concept formation, web communication and development company with a purpose to empower prospected clients for global market penetration thereby turning their prospects into loyalists via prints and electronic media.

SoundMinds Technologies is an Information Technology company dedicated to providing various Business solutions. We are committed to diversification of your business solution through our various website, software, prints and accounting solutions. It is our heart desire to see companies grown to full status in term of technological innovation.

We are a team certified Java, Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO experts with vast experience. We are committed to giving you prompt, excellent and reliable services in solving your various graphic design, accounting, website and software development solutions. We are inspired to proffer lasting business solutions to you. We work with latest cutting edge tools in creating your full features solutions.

Change is Constant

The world of web design is constantly changing. Last year’s breakthrough design ideas are old news today. SoundMinds Design stays on top of the latest trends by providing free access to education and other resources for our designers. Web design is an art that combines creative talent and programming knowledge. We have the best artists with the best programming skills out there. The Best Web Design Company in The World is what we strive to be. Every client is guaranteed to LOVE their website by SoundMinds Design. If you don’t love it, you won’t pay for it. We understand that different industries require different design approaches, and we will work with you to create the look that’s best for your business.


SoundMinds have been proactive in the implementation of structured processes which ensure smooth and clear communications processes between us and our customers. This is why we have been able to achieve the highest standards of quality when it comes to custom software development.

The software development lifecycle is usually a long and complex affair. From the very first stage of fact-finding and requirements analysis, our consultation process enables us to clearly understand and define your needs whether or not you have issued a formal RFI document. Very often our clients begin with a vague concept which we then help to develop into a clear software requirements specification.

Following that a dedicated Project Manager will be appointed to work closely alongside you to ensure that you get the very best from our team of Business Analysts, Technical Architects, software testers, Q.A. specialists and programmers.

All SoundMinds software development processes comply with industry standards (ISO 9001, ISO 12207), and are guided by process best practices (RUP, MSF, Scrum and XP). Agile is our preferred methodology but we will work closely with you whichever methodology you decide to choose. We pay meticulous attention to detail, especially our reporting procedures including detailed monitoring of progress and formal feedback so you are kept up to date every step of the way.

This way we achieve your quality standard requirements and avoid overrunning budgets and delays in the deadlines of your software development projects.

Here are some of our esteemed clients

Our clients range from Telecom Operators and Oil & Gas companies to non-IT ventures and entrepreneurs, from ambitious start-ups to leading industry veterans.

We know that clients’ aims and needs are inextricably linked to a business domain situation and delve not only into technical aspects of a project, but also into business environment to find the best option for our clients, depending on their business drivers, size, activities and project scope. Not only do we listen to what our clients want but we also HEAR what they actually need. SoundMinds team feels committed to provide great value and has a genuine desire to become part of our clients’ success.

SoundMinds clear insight into clients' requirements and in-depth understanding of business domain trends have translated into an array of successful software development projects in various market niches. Our custom approach helped SoundMinds generate premium clients from North America, Western and Northern Europe, the Middle East and Russia. To learn more about the companies that we worked with and our engagement in their IT application development projects, find some of our client profiles showcased below.

Some of our clients are listed below;

  • Nigerian Conservation Foundation
  • Vision Ministries International
  • Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria
  • CraigServe
  • Triumph Publishing House
  • West African Bioethics
  • National Health Research Ethics Committee
  • University College Hospital, Ibadan
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • West African Framework Program for Global Health
  • School of Occupational Health Nursing, UCH, Ibadan
  • Intercontinental Properties Limited
  • Adfoldam Nig. Limited
  • GraceLink Computers
  • Penyl Consult Limited
  • Friends and Folks Cybercafe
  • National Agency for Food and Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Ibadan
  • Adonai Training Institute, London, United Kingdom
  • Center for Food and Agricultural Resources Development (CEFARD) Ontario, Canada

SoundMinds Team?

All excellent is always small and compact. Our software development team consist of people with the following roles.

Project Manager – a person in a team who will control the projects performed by your software development team. He will follow the execution of the software project, control time and budget. He should be organized himself and have excellent organizational skills. He is responsible for the software team’s activity, and project accounting.

Business Analyst - a person in a team who will deal with customers and specify the direction to the software roject. This person should analyze the requirements, work out the project strategy, write documentation and lead the project to the successful completion.  He should posses technical, managerial and creative skills.

Software Architect – a person in a team who will develop the design of the software product taking into account customer’s requirements. This person is not only a skillful software developer. Design Architect is a "guru" who is able to work out software architecture for any complex system.

Designer – a creative person who is responsible for product look-and-feel taking into account customer’s requirements. He should be a ‘hybrid’ designer who doesn’t strain at Photoshop and can write CSS-code. He should be familiar with visual design as well as with web standards, should be a professional in usability, universal design, accessibility, etc.

Software Developer – a person in a team who will develop the product. Software Developer should be an expert in various spheres of software development (mobile application development, web application development) and should study all the time to improve his knowledge and competence. But at the same time, he should be a good team player.

Software Tester – a person who will test the software during the course of software development. He should be familiar with various techniques and methods of software testing (black box testing, smoke testing, etc) and should very patient.

In the dedicated software development team, every member should understand what other members are doing, should be ready to take some of their tasks in case of necessity, should be a good communicator (should be ready to take part in meetings with customers and negotiate some issues). Only in collaboration the success is guaranteed.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

It is our vision to empower our prospected clients for global market penetration thereby turning their prospects into loyalists

  • to birth your dream world of technological innovation through un-parallel solutions
  • to diversify your business solution through our various solutions and services.
  • to see companies grow into full status in terms of technological innovation.

  • People
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Loyalty